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Graphic Designing Course Details

Certified Graphic Designing Course in Faisalabad

Muzammal Hussain

Muzammal Hussain

graphic designing courses in faisalabad
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About Graphic Designing Course

Have a basic knowledge of graphics and want to excel in this field? Globials’ certified and creative Graphic Designing course in Faisalabad is a golden opportunity for you. We understand the impacts of visual art in digital as well as print media. Therefore, we provide a wide platform for young souls to shake hands with this booming tech field. We have brilliant minds at Globials who deliver their versatile knowledge to make a good idea great. 

As Graphic Design is an ever-growing field, there is a huge room for you to set in, whether you’re a beginner or have some experience in graphic design or animations. In this professional Graphic Designing course in Faisalabad, you will learn the art of creating stunning, aesthetic, and functional designs for social media posts, thumbnails, website layouts, etc. Once you become a pro in the digital art industry, just welcome to a bright future in the digital landscape.

What You'll Learn

Who this Course is for?

Scaling a career as a graphic designer is not a dream now when our professional Graphic Designing course in Faisalabad is in your access. The sky is not limited for this course as well. But you have to meet the basic criteria to enroll in this course.

  • Minimum qualification – Matric
  • Basic know-how of English
  • Want to build a personal brand 
  • Passion for selling own digital products
  • Eager to become a pro graphic designer
  • Good learning attitude
  • Patience to achieve success


Why Do You Need it?

The sky is not limited under the umbrella of graphic design. Once you complete this certified Graphic Designing course in Faisalabad, you can pursue a bright career generating a handsome amount, being a professional graphic designer. It’s due to the versatility of graphic design skills, which are applicable across a wide range of fields and industries. 

Whether you’re planning for a career or already associated with any field, this advanced-level graphic designing course will help you a lot to build your own brand. Interestingly, professionals in marketing, advertising, web development, education, and even healthcare can harness graphic design to enhance their work and presentations. 

In this module, you will learn the fundamentals and importance of graphic designing skills, including;

  • Application of graphic design in various industries
  • Introduction to design principles;
  • Composition
  • Balance
  • Color contrast
  • Color’s unification
  • Introduction to several design elements
  • Exploring types of graphic design
  • Overview of essential design software and tools
Muzammal Hussain

Muzammal Hussain

About Mentor

We are offering our foolproof Graphic Designing course in Faisalabad by Mr. Muzammal. He is highly skilled in making a good idea great by designing eye-catching graphics. He has a deep understanding of designing principles, typography, color theory, and layout. Not only designing, he knows the best way to transfer his ground skills of designing to young minds. 

Having a top-notch background in graphic designing, Mr. Muzammal  is a master of the top designing tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, InDesign, Canva, and others. Moreover, he possesses effective communication skills to deliver his sound knowledge to articulate complex design concepts in a clear and understandable manner. 

Top Skills

Being a specialized and professional graphic designer, Mr. Muzammal possesses all the essential skillsets to create sophisticated and innovative graphics. He knows the best to turn 2D images into 3D realities with an eye for detail. It all happened because of his premium graphic designing skills;  

Artistic Vision
Designing Principles
UI & UX Design
Rs. 5000P/M
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