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Certified Digital Marketing Course in Faisalabad

Syed Sheraz CEO and Founder

Syed Sheraz

digital marketing course in faisalabad
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About the Digital Marketing Course

Be a master of online business by getting leverage from Globials’ Digital Marketing course in Faisalabad. Whether you’re a newbie in the tech industry or have experience in any particular field, this all-in-one course will provide you with complete insights, clearing the ground to transform your learning into guaranteed earnings. 

At Globials, we confidently offer a wide learning platform where you can learn the basics to advance all aspects of marketing genres. This Digital Marketing course in Faisalabad will provide you with sound and profound knowledge of search engine optimization, social media marketing, organic and paid advertisement, web development, graphic design, and much more, which will help you to build a pro version on the internet as well as your own locality. 

What You'll Learn

Who this Course is for?

This all-in-one Digital Marketing course in Faisalabad is highly insightful for building a better future in the tech world. By the way, there are no particular restrictions to enroll in this course. However, some basic criteria have to be fulfilled for all the course attendees. 

  • Minimum qualification Intermediate (ICS preferred)
  • Basic know-how about Social Media Handling
  • Basic know-how of English
  • Passion to upscale online career
  • Passion to run own agency
  • Good learning attitude
  • Patience to achieve success


Why do You Need it?

If you want to get rid of a 9-5 job culture and are eager to run your own business, this is the right time to move forward. No need to suffer with a worst-case scenario: less income and more expenses. Enrolling in our Digital Marketing course in Faisalabad will surely be a good decision to excel in the online career, defeating inflation. Because this is the time for those who know the art of selling. 

Interestingly, this course is particularly designed to cover all dimensions of digital marketing, overwhelming with several key marketing skills. From search engine optimization to social media marketing, you can boost the presence of online businesses on the web and social media, WordPress web development to the basics of graphic designing, you can build brands delivering aesthetic layouts and eye-catching designs. 

On completion of this course, you will get thorough insights into selling products (B2C) and services (B2B) with modern tools and tactics. Once you learn all the basic (above-mentioned) skill sets, you can build your strong foundation of digital marketing in the digital realm. 

In this module, you will be introduced to the fundamental principles of Digital Marketing, including;

  • Basic understanding of the Digital Marketing Landscape
  • Recent Trends in Digital Marketing
  • Basic Digital Marketing Techniques
  • Key Digital Marketing Channels and Tools
  • How Digital Marketing Helps to Increase Sales
  • How to Conduct Competitive Analysis
Syed Sheraz

Syed Sheraz

About Mentor

We are offering our certified Digital Marketing course in Faisalabad by Mr. Sheraz. He has been providing and conveying knowledge of digital marketing services for about seven years. Having such an enthusiastic journey, he is highly passionate about assisting young learners with his well-informed and practical knowledge and top-notch expertise to build their careers in this ever-evolving field of digital marketing. 

Being a master of marketing and advertising, Mr. Sheraz provides valuable insights, personalized support, and real-world experience about successfully running an online business with the core of digital marketing skills. In the said course, he also teaches the best methodologies of project management and problem-solving to students aspiring to be digital marketers. Overall, he strives to reshape the future of the future marketers.

Top Skills

With a strong profile in digital marketing,  Mr. Sheraz has a set of modern skills to upscale businesses and business career seekers. Covering the web to social media, he is well-experienced in providing the art of digital marketing with these must-have skills such as;  

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Graphic Designing
Rs. 7500P/M
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